Do they contain fibre and sugar?

Yes our juices contain fibre. There are two types of nutritional fibre: one that dissolves in water called soluble and the insoluble fibre. During the cold pressing procedure the soluble fibre, also called prebiotics, will remain. The soluble fibre absorbs water and they form a gelly structure while bonding to certain nutrients like glucose or fructose. This helps to slow down the absorbsion and supports hour digestion. Soluble fibre has another important role: it provides nutrition for the beneficial bacteria living in our large intestines. It absorbs cholesterol and bile due to which it supports lower cholesterol level in the blood. After drinking our juices the sense of satiation is less intense due to the lack of insoluble fibre, which is filtered during the process. Fibre is essential in order to have proper detoxification and regular bowel movements. Thanks to this we can lower the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

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